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Silver Lining (gel)

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Each pack contains 30 nails (fits larger, small, and average nails) alcohol wipe, small nail file, tube of glue, and 30 short-wear stickers. *IM BEST TO REUSE*


1. Wash your hands, prep fingernails and cuticles

2. Lightly file the top of your nails

3. Wipe nails with the alcohol wipe

4. Size up your nails and line up nails accordingly

5. Place glue evenly across your nail

6. Firmly press on your nail and hold for 10-15 seconds

7. Keep your hands dry for an hour after application

Once set nail can be filed and shaped as desired  🤍

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kelly Lord
Silver Lining - Wedding Bliss

Absolutely loved these nails. They were purchased to wear for a wedding. Was able to not only wear a set for myself but was able to with the left over sizes allow another family member to have matching nails. They are now a fan of pressing nails.l

Stunning Nails

Absolutely love this set. Such great quality and a beautiful unique design. Glue is fantastic. Nails last weeks and if taken care of can be used again aswell. I will forever be a pressing nails gal.

Silver lining

The most gorgeous nails I’ve ever bought. They have to be one of my favourite sets I’ve purchased so happy I got 2 sets. All pressing nail sets I’ve bought have never disappointed me. Would 100% recommend to everyone so cheap and affordable better than the salons, I get so many compliments from people. 10/10